Kim Kardashian Says That Some Of Her Photos Shared Online Upset Kanye West, But She Posts Them Anyway

Kim Kardashian Says That Some Of Her Photos Shared Online Upset Kanye West, But She Posts Them Anyway
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Kim Kardashian just said that even if the sexy pics that she shares with her fans and followers on Instagram upset her hubby Kanye West, she continues to do it. A while ago, you probably remember that Kanye himself was the one who encouraged her to post such photos, but he might just have had enough.

Kim was invited at Ellen DeGeneres for an interview and revealed that Kanye basically isn’t about the same hype anymore as he used to be when he was encouraging her to strip on Instagram.

The Shade Room write that Kim was 'Referencing a picture where she’s “cooking” and admits that she was just doing it for the ‘gram, she said, “You can get in trouble with your husband sometimes over too many photos like that,"'

Kim then added 'Yeah it does [bother him], you know it’s like half and half. He always wants me to be me and feel confident and we’re having fun, but it also bothers him.'

Kim also admits that it’s basically a cycle between them. People don't really seem to agree with what she's doing.

Someone commented in TSR's comments section: 'I would never trip over my man posting himself shirtless on social media, so I don’t expect my man to trip over me posting myself in a bathing suit. That’s equality. I’m not saying women should NEVER listen to their husband; I’m saying there are certain things your spouse shouldn’t control whether you’re male or female. this is for men and women!! the only reason I’m emphasizing women is because Kim Kardashian is a woman, and society tends to push “obedience” into women while encouraging the opposite for men. I just want everybody to match energy.'

Another follower said 'She likes attention u think she’s gonna care what her man thinks ? she still gonna do it regardless.'

The latest reports also said that it seems the couple managed to solidify their bond during therapy sessions .

After proclaiming his support for Trump in public, Kanye recently said on social media that he feels used and as a conclusion, he will be distancing himself from politics.

Kim Kardashian has been close to her husband during all this time, supporting her man no matter what.

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