Kim Kardashian Says That Donald Trump Definitely Deserves Some Credit In Prison Reform Attempts

Kim Kardashian Says That Donald Trump Definitely Deserves Some Credit In Prison Reform Attempts
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According to a report from The Daily Beast, Kim Kardashian recently sat down with the hosts from The View and discussed her recent entrance into the political arena, including her efforts to help with criminal justice reform.

It comes at a particularly relevant time, considering the president, Donald Trump, took Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to task online for supposedly refusing to give him the credit he deserved for helping Kim release people from prison.

While on The View , Kim actually praised the controversial president, stating that he did a lot to actually make it happen. On Friday morning, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star sat down with the other women on The View a nd discussed her family life as well.

"A house of four is wild," Kim stated to the women on the show. However, Kim stated it was "complete," to which Joy Behar took the opportunity to ask if she would have more, and the reality star said there would be no more children.

Soon after, the women started talking about her recent political activism, and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star remarked that she was completely aware she'd be pilloried in the media and from other entertainment figures for working with the controversial president.

For Kim, however, it was more important to tackle the issues at hand, rather than worry about Trump's politics, or the surrounding public opinion. Kardashian went on to say that Trump definitely deserved some credit for what he did.

The reality star said it was "amazing" to see Trump, a politician in favor of particularly harsh sentences, move toward a more compassionate manner of dealing with criminal justice reform.

As it was previously reported, Kim played a crucial role in the freeing of more than a dozen convicts from prison, with Alice Marie Johnson, perhaps, being the most famous. Kim worked alongside Brittany K. Barnett and her team of cohorts, Buried Alive, to free approximately 17 people from prison in 90 days.

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