Kim Kardashian says she has never had fillers on her face

Kim Kardashian says she has never had fillers on her face
Credit: insider

Kim Kardashian posed for the cover of the August issue of Allure magazine and gave a great interview to editor Danielle Parchment, in which she spoke about her beauty rituals.

In an interview, Kim Kardashian said that she never resorted to plastic surgery and injections - she only injected Botox in the area between her eyebrows. Asked by an editor if she's injected fillers into her lips and cheekbones, the star replied, "No fillers. I have never had fillers on my lips or cheekbones."

According to Kardashian, she also never got eyelash extensions or done anything with her eyebrows. The reality TV star admitted that at the same time, it is very important for her to always look good: "Probably, I care about this more than 90% of the people on the planet."

The TV star added that she has come to terms with the fact that her appearance is not perfect and told which part of her body she considers "disgusting."

"I hate my hands - they are wrinkled and disgusting. But I lived a life; I changed so many diapers with these hands, I hugged my children with these hands, so I put up with them," she said.

In a previous post, Shoe brand Jimmy Choo opened a pink cafe in London.

In the London department store Harrods in the shoe department, the fashion house Jimmy Choo has opened a cafe that will be open for three months. WWD writes about it.

Until September 30, visitors to Harrods will have the opportunity to visit the Jimmy Choo cafe, completely decorated in the brand's corporate color.

Everything in the store is pink, with the exception of some gold-colored metal inserts, chandeliers, rims on plates, and cutlery.


Visitors to the establishment will have the opportunity to try the summer menu, which was developed by Harrods chefs. Guests can order sandwiches, English tea, champagne, confectionery, and fresh fruit.


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