Kim Kardashian Rushes Kanye West To ER - What Happened?

Kim Kardashian Rushes Kanye West To ER - What Happened?
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Kim Kardashian took Kanye West to the emergency room in San Fernando Valley this Sunday after he got ill. It seems that he suffered from a severe case of the flu and that's why the visit to the hospital was necessary.

It was reported that his condition got worse and that's why doctors needed to treat him with some Rx.

Kanye has been tweeting about his sinuses acting up, but we are not sure at the moment whether his trip to the ER is related to this issue or not.

He began complaining about sinus headaches just days before his hospital visit.

'Whenever you’re feeling down bored irritated or disgruntled just say… thank god I don’t have a sinus headache … they feel like the episode of black mirror when the bee went into the guys ear…,' he tweeted on July 14.

In a follow-up tweet, Kanye wrote, 'I had a sinus headache on a flight once, and I got a f–king cat scan after because it was so bad.'

This comes right after Kanye, and Kim attended Pusha T's wedding, and everything seemed fine. Kim even posted a video showing him and herself while getting ready to attend the event.

Kim shared some footage of her and her hubby before the nuptials at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, VA.

She looked gorgeous in a mini gold dress that featured shoulder pads and high neck. Kanye looked great in a black suit jacket over a white shirt, and he also wore a tie.

We hope that everything turns out fine and Kanye gets better soon.

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