Kim Kardashian Reveals How Much Time She Spends On Social Media And The Answer Is Surprising

Kim Kardashian Reveals How Much Time She Spends On Social Media And The Answer Is Surprising
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Kim Kardashian has almost 135 million followers, and she is always giving them new content to enjoy. She incorporates various platforms into her daily messaging, and her fans are never disappointed.

Based on how much she posts throughout the day, it appears the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is on social media 24/7. However, in her interview with Vogue , the mother of three got real about how much time and effort she puts into maintaining her vast social media presence.

The KKW Beauty mogul admitted she spends less than one hour a day on social media.

"Not that much, like 30 minutes," she admitted, when asked how long she spends on her own specific pages, not how long she spends scrolling on other peoples pages.

Along with admitting to spending little time placing content on her various social media accounts, the lawyer in training also shared she isn't too picky about the content she posts. Kardashian just does what she feels like at the moment. In what many will find shocking, she doesn't place too much pressure on herself when it comes to posting.

Even though she has a ridiculous number of followers, the reality TV star does not let that deter her from her choices. Kardashian is still in shock over the number of people who choose to follow her on social media. She calls it unreal but can't let that number affect her day to day posting.

Another aspect of social media that is overwhelming to Kardashian is the number of DM's she receives. The amount of DM's she gets daily is out of control, which is why she can't even commit to reading them.

"There's too many DMs, I can't even get started," Kardashian admitted in the interview.

Don't attempt to contact Kim Kardashian on social media. Not only does she not read her DM's but she only spends about 30 minutes a day on her platforms. Since there is a constant influx of content on her accounts, Kardashian likely has someone running her social media.

Now she did not say if she maintains her accounts herself or not but considering how busy Kanye West's wife is, it is a good bet someone handles it for her. Kardashian no doubt has to approve every single post but probably doesn't click post butt on her own.

What do you think about the revelation Kardashian only spends 30 min a day on her social media platforms?

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