Kim Kardashian Pushes For The Release Of Another Inmate - David Sheppard Will Become A Free Man

Kim Kardashian Pushes For The Release Of Another Inmate - David Sheppard Will Become A Free Man
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Kim Kardashian has been making strong efforts for some of the incarcerated inmates lately, and you probably might have heard this by now. Her efforts are useful, and the latest move that she made also seems to have helped.

The Shade Room has all the available details on a recent matter, and you can check them out below.

Kim's latest efforts have turned out really helpful for inmate David Sheppard who has been jailed since 1992.

TSR cites Oxygen reports and reveals that 'Pennsylvania inmate David Sheppard, who’s case Kim has been speaking out about, was recently informed that he would be released from prison just in time for Christmas.'

TSR continues their post and writes this: 'To give you a little background on Sheppard’s case here it goes. Back in 1992, he was convicted of second-degree murder for alleged his role in the 1992 fatal shooting of pharmacist Thomas Brannan and sentenced to life in prison.'

'Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed off on Sheppard’s clemency earlier this month, but he was still being held in prison due a warrant for an almost 30-year-old theft charge of stealing five pairs of jeans. Sheppard’s story is set to be featured on Kim’s upcoming documentary on Oxygen,' according to TSR.

While some haters still find something negative to say about Kim, there are a lot of people who are appreciating what she has been doing.

Someone said: 'And some of y’all gon still have something negative to say bout Kim smh.'

Another follower posted this: 'We get that Kim is not a lawyer. However, without her mentioning a damn thing, a lot of these people would still be in prison. That’s not her fault. That’s society’s problem. That we care more about what a celebrity says, than the people with the degrees. 🤷🏽‍♀️'

Someone else said: 'Don't care who is doing it, just glad these people get to be with their families again.'

One supporter said: 'I don’t care what everybody is saying about Kim love her for all she has been doing for these inmates.'

What do you think about Kim's actions?

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