Kim Kardashian Pushed La La Anthony To Divorce Carmelo After Mia Angel Burks Pregnancy Rumors

Kim Kardashian Pushed La La Anthony To Divorce Carmelo After Mia Angel Burks Pregnancy Rumors

Kim Kardashian allegedly pushed her friend, La La Anthony, also known as La La Vazquez, to leave Carmelo Anthony after seven years of marriage.

Anthony Jacobs, as a friend of Mia Angel Burks, the NBA player's rumored side chick, reveals that she is doing it all for the money.

Kardashian has been through a few splits and divorces on her end, which is why when she learned of her BFF Anthony's heartache she did not hesitate to tell her to move out of the mansion she shared with the athlete and hire the best divorce lawyer.

According to several sources, La La and Carmelo have made it through cheating allegations in the past, but the pregnancy news was the last straw.

The Power actress was said to be furious to learn that her spouse had impregnated a dancer - and went to share the story with The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star who told her to dump him.

A source said: "La La knew about the cheating scandals and this pregnancy thing was the last straw. Kim is her best friend and gave her the final push. She has forgiven a lot but this time she had to leave. When a marriage isn't working you try to fix it. But when that doesn't work, Kim told her it was time to leave."

Meanwhile, Anthony’s alleged mistress, Burks, has a friend named Jacobs, who sat down with local Chicago radio station WGCI-FM on April 20 and had a lot to say.

Jacobs stated Burks is five months pregnant and she is not a dancer - she has two masters degrees from Northwestern University.

The friend claimed that Burks flew to NYC to meet Carmelo many times for secret hookups.

He shared: “Mia met Carmelo at Room Seven, a club in Chicago, Mia seems low-key and doesn’t obsess over Carmelo.She was more giddy about it than anything.She is looking for a guy to hold her down; she wanted the baby."

According to the same insider, La La has been "talking with Kim several times a day since the split," and is also leaning on Ciara and Kelly Rowland for support.


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