Kim Kardashian Promotes Rob Kardashian New Clothing Line Halfway Dead

Kim Kardashian Promotes Rob Kardashian New Clothing Line Halfway Dead
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to fashion or helping her siblings out with their personal and business endeavors. Now it is her brother Rob Kardashian whom Kim is helping out. Rob launched his own clothing line called Halfway Dead and on August 2, 2019, Kim Kardashian promoted his clothes in the best way possible — by wearing them in an Instagram photo. Sharing a picture of Kim Kardashian dressed in Halfway Dead to her 145 million followers, all Kim needed to do was caption the photo with to get social media buzzing over the new line.

Modeling a teeshirt called "Moonshine' from the collection, Kim stood outside and posed with one hand on her hip and flashed a peace sign. She flexed one foot and showed off her toned, calf muscles ensuring that the focus was on the oversized, black-tee shirt with the emblazoned print.

The tee-shirt featured a crescent moon amidst a night sky with stars, and a girl with blonde hair, dressed in red facing the moon and costs approximately $40. It is available on the official site.

You may see Kim Kardashian modeling the tee-shirt from Halfway Dead below. The tee-shirt costs approximately $40 and is available on the official site.

In addition to showing off the tee-shirt, Kim Kardashian also showed off a pair of Yeezy sneakers with the ensemble. The sneakers are called the Tephra, and fans praised Kim's footwear as much as they did the shirt. Kim Kardashian often wears clothes from Yeezy, her husband's clothing line.

The tee-shirt is unisex as Rob Kardashian also shared a photo of Diego Nájera wearing the "Moonshine" tee on his official Instagram account. Rob has featured several celebrities and models wearing his new Halfway Dead line and people are starting to talk about the clothing label.

Halfway Dead has an official Instagram account that is gaining new followers, especially since Kim Kardashian and even Kylie Jenner were spotted wearing the clothes.

Those who are interested in purchasing the items will want to head over the website quickly as many of the products are selling out quickly. What do you think of Rob Kardashian's new clothing line Halfway Dead?

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