Kim Kardashian Praises Beyonce During Disney Family Sing-Along

Kim Kardashian Praises Beyonce During Disney Family Sing-Along
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Kim Kardashian is just one celebrity who really enjoyed the Disney Family Singalong , a new report from Entertainment Tonight revealed. The reality star went on her Twitter account this week to praise many of the stars who appeared on Disney's new program.

The mother of four said on Twitter, "who is watching the Disney Singalong on ABC?" The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said it was "so good." Additionally, Kim praised the performances from Derek and Julianne Hough.

Hough clearly appreciated the shout-out, because she responded to the KUWK star's tweet with multiple heart emojis and the comment, "thanks for watching and singing along." Kardashian praised the performances of other stars too, including Tori Kelly, Michael Buble, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande.

Similar to many other viewers of the popular program, Kim was thrilled to see the surprise performance from Beyonce Knowles. The star sang the classic track, "When You Wish Upon A Star," and Kim said her performance was phenomenal.

As most know, Kim and Kanye have had a complex relationship with Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z. Four years ago in 2016, Kanye took to the stage to rant about the notorious rapper during one of his concerts. The rapper, apparently, wasn't happy that Jay-Z and Beyonce never went to their wedding.

And two years later, in 2018, the legendary rapper appeared on David Letterman's series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction , where he explained that the Ye artist was like his little brother. In fact, Jay emphasized their relationship by stating he really was his little brother.

"And like your little brother," Jay-Z explained, "things happen sometimes." With all that behind them, however, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kim, and Kanye seem to be getting along very well these days.

In other news, Kim has been very candid about the struggles of parenting during the coronavirus pandemic. The reality star took to her social media to say that it wasn't always easy to raise kids during a worldwide shutdown.

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