Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Case Solved? – 16 Suspects Detaied

Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Case Solved? – 16 Suspects Detaied

The surveillance camera footage that the French Police obtained, showing the robbers stealing from and attacking Kim Kardashian in her Paris hotel suite a few months back has finally proven useful towards cracking the case, and now, the authorities have managed to gather 16 suspects in the case.

On October 3, 2016, Kim Kardashian was held at gun point, zip tied and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry. The French Police was pressured to solve the case as fast as possible but for the longest time there were no leads whatsoever.

Security footage of the heist showed one of the robbers holding Kardashian’s associate around the neck

According to an insider, "They were storming the room, and one of her friends was being held. At the time, Kim was in her bedroom, and there weren't any cameras there. She didn't come out to help her friend outside of her door."

"But you can see that it was very violent. Kim had every right to be spooked!" added the source.

Fortunately at one point, the culprit looks directly into the camera while still choking the associate.

The only other footage of the perpetrators shows them outside the hotel, riding away from on motorcycles.

On January 9, 2017, the police managed to detain 16 suspects after a few early morning raids in Paris and the surrounding suburbs. The camera surveillance footage was one of the first clues of the case.

Later on, the Police found DNA on the take used on Kardashian, discovering that it belonged to infamous thugs who already had a record.

The detectives connected the thugs to more than a dozen other accomplices and now they are all under questioning.

As the fans already know, Kim was deeply affected by the robbery and isolated herself in the weeks following. Due to the shock, she developed PTSD and suffered from anxiety and depression.

Now she reportedly feels relieved that the Police may have caught the culprits.


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