Kim Kardashian Knows Who Khloe Should Date Next, Not To Be Cheated On -- Kanye West Agrees

Kim Kardashian Knows Who Khloe Should Date Next, Not To Be Cheated On -- Kanye West Agrees
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Khloe Kardashian is not going to stay single for long if big sister Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, have anything to do with it.

It has been less than two weeks since Khloe decided that she was finally done with her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, he was caught in a very compromising position with Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods.

A source spoke PEOPLE and revealed that after being humiliated and hurt by Tristan, Khloe has decided to write off men from her life.

Kim wants Khloe to find an artist to date and stay away from ballers because they are always cheating on her.

An insider told Hollywood Life : “Kim wants Khloe to stay far away from athletes and go for an artist the next time, preferably someone in the music business. Just look at how well it has worked out for Kim. She is so happy she stopped dating the jocks, and giving Kanye a chance was the best choice ever.”

The family friend went on to say to the publication: “She wants Khloe to follow her lead, and is more than ready to help in her search. Kim knows a ton of people through Kanye and has already offered to get him to help. Kanye and Kim both want to see Khloe happy and in love, and want to set her up with a musician.”

The source added: “Kim isn’t pushing Khloe to date right away and definitely doesn’t want to see her rush into anything, but at the same time, she is eager to see her get Tristan Thompson out of her system and move on. Khloe‘s anger and hurt is still very fresh, and it’s helping her let go of Tristan, but there is certainly some concern that he could find a way to get her back. He’s very charming, and Khloe‘s feelings for him go deep.”

The family friend concluded by: “Kim hates seeing Khloe suffer and feels that all her heartache could be avoided if she would pick better guys. Kim has been through the bad choices herself so she is very sympathetic and very eager to help Khloe overcome this and find a good guy that she can build a life with.”

Khloe will get back up soon on the dating scene.

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