Kim Kardashian Just Showed Off Chicago’s Impressive Shoe Collection And Fans Are Shook

Kim Kardashian Just Showed Off Chicago’s Impressive Shoe Collection And Fans Are Shook
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Chicago West may be one year old, but this young lady flaunts an impressive shoe collection. Kim Kardashian has just revealed hos many Yeezys the baby girl has collected from her daddy Kanye West's brand.

'Ok guys, look how cute — I’m in Chicago’s closet. Look how cute,'Kim said in an Instagram Story video, showing off her daughter’s tiny shoes.

She continued and said 'All of her little Yeezys…She literally has the best collection.'

Fans were pretty shocked to see so many shoes in Chicago's collection, but let's remember one thing here: we're talking about the Kardashians.

Chicago's shoe collection is featured in the third video from Kim's post.

Kim had recently made her fans happy when she confirmed that she and Kanye are expecting a baby boy via surrogate.

Rumors of another baby on the way sparked since 2018, and now Kim addressed everything herself and discussed the subject during  Watch What Happens Live  with Andy Cohen.

In the comments section, people have been making all kinds of jokes regarding the baby’s name, Kanye’s mental state and more.

Someone said ‘I’m no shrink, but I don’t think Kanye mental state is suitable for another kid,🤪 but at this point, I think Kim is just looking to fill a void. Chicago ain’t even get her full time to shine and here you are paying a surrogate for another one.🤷🏽‍♀️’

No matter what the kid's name will eventually be, we're happy to know that Kim and Kanye are expecting again and their family will get even bigger.

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  • Laurel Rudy
    Laurel Rudy Jan 20, 2019 5:09 PM PST

    They are constantly rubbling it in to make the rest of us feel so insignificant. She keeps wanting more and more kids because it gets her more attention. What sort of "void" could this woman possibly have to fill in her life?

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