Kim Kardashian Is Worried About Rob Dating Alexis Skyy Because Of This Person

Kim Kardashian Is Worried About Rob Dating Alexis Skyy Because Of This Person
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It is being claimed that big sister Kim Kardashian is losing sleep over Rob's new relationship with Blac Chyna's latest nemesis, Alexis Skyy.

Kanye West's wife, like several other members of her family, feels that Alexis will use him to get an extra 15 minutes of fame and dump him for another man.

A source close to Kim spoke to Hollywood Life and explained why the older sister disapproves of this romance: “Kim has been warning Rob to be careful not to spend too much time with Alexis and not to fall in love with her.”

The insider continued with: "Kim questions Alexis’s motives and would hate to see someone take advantage of her brother and his famous family for insincere reasons.”

The person went on to say that Kim agrees with the comment made by Blac Chyna’s boyfriend, rapper Kid Buu.

The MC said: “You really wit [sic] Rob’s fat *ss for love or is it just for clout.”

According to the family friend, Kim is hoping that Alexis does not try to have a relationship with Rob and Blac Chyna's daughter, Dream.

The source said: “Kim hopes that Dream is not getting involved by spending time with and not getting attached to Alexis. Kim has fears about the integrity of Alexis’s true motivations with Rob and how that might affect Dream. If Rob’s daughter became attached to Alexis and then became confused or hurt when Alexis abruptly disappears from Rob’s life. Kim hopes that Alexis is not interacting with Dream too much.”

However, it appears that Rob is smitten and he is enjoying this sweet revenge on his ex.

Another source said: "Alexis and Rob have been seeing each other for a little while, it’s not as new as everyone thinks. She really likes him. Alexis isn’t using Rob for fame, not at all.”

The second individual also revealed: “She’s a very sweet girl, she’s ambitious, but not at the expense of the people in her life. Her daughter is the center of her world, and that’s something she and Rob bonded over right away because he’s the same way about his little girl."

Kim is the one always watching over her family.

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