Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Worried That Alexis Skyy Is Just Using Rob Kardashian For Fame

Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Worried That Alexis Skyy Is Just Using Rob Kardashian For Fame
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Rob Kardashian has been all over the news lately after the rumors broke that he's dating Alexis Skyy . His baby mama, Blac Chyna, reportedly got so upset to find this out that she allegedly threw her drink on Alexis.

This led to Alexis going straight to Chyna's home and making a live Instagram video there asking Chyna to come outside and fight her.

More sources close to Alexis have spoken, and they have all said that she's far from clout-chasing and she's only in love with the only Kardashian son.

It seems that Kim Kardashian is not buying this at all and a source close to Kanye West's wife addressed how she feels for the online magazine Hollywood Life.

It seems that Kim 'fears that Rob’s new girlfriend Alexis will use Rob for clout, fame, and notoriety,' the source told the online publication.

The same insider continued and said that 'Kim has been warning Rob to be careful not to spend too much time with Alexis and not to fall in love with her,' and it seems that Kim 'suspects that sensitive Rob will have his heart broken by the clout chaser.'

'Kim questions Alexis’s motives and would hate to see someone take advantage of her brother and his famous family for insincere reasons,' the same source continued basically speaking the same thing as Chyna's new boo, Kid Buu who made a comment regarding Alexis just recently.

'You really wit Rob’s fat *ss for love or is it just for clout,' he commented under one of Alexis' Instagram pictures.

What do you think, is Kim right this time?


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  • Heather
    Heather Jan 23, 2019 3:24 PM PST

    Kim should be worried, hes a man, unfortunately they think w the wrong head! He already has 1 baby he cant take care of(rolling my eyes), & if he keeps messing around, he'll soon have another, no doubt! Shes not even an artist, IDK why MSY would cast her, unless its just for sleeping w hip hop artists, and Im not sure I'd go that far as to call them artists! Poor Kris, I cant even imagine having to allow her in her home! He has & can do way better, grow up Rob, quit embarrassing your family! Put a stop to it Kim!!

  • Selena
    Selena Jan 23, 2019 7:09 AM PST

    Sometimes people really do fall in love...Leave all in the hands of God and study the situation first before opening your heart...You are number 1 always cuz it's your heart!!!

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