Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly A Billionaire Now

Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly A Billionaire Now
Credit: BET

It's been revealed that Kim Kardashian is a billionaire now, according to the latest reports. Check out the latest info coming from The Shade Room.

TSR cites info from Forbes and notes that Kim Kardashian is a billionaire now.

Hopefully she ain’t lying like kylie did last year,' someone said.

Another followe posted this message: 'The same way they say Kylie was a billionaire then said she lied? 😂! ❤️' and a commenter said: 'different kylie told people she was they’re just estimating kim.'

Someone else said: 'Well I believe the Kim actually is what I mean she been in the game for a while and she got every hustle she took a negative and made it into a positive and her whole family on.'

More people continued to debate the issue and said that Kim is definitely as rich as it's claimed here.

In other recent news, Kim made headliens in relation to Kanye West.

Not too long agom we were debating whether  Kanye West was using hypnosis to forget he was married to Kim Kardashian ?

According to the publication Star magazine, Kanye West   was left heartbroken and devastated over the breakdown of his marriage to the 40-year-old beauty and mother of his four children. Kim and Kanye couldn't make it past the seven-year-itch, or his public meltdown and his failed presidential bid.

Now, Star reports the devastation is so overwhelming he just wants to forget it all and is undergoing hypnotherapy to get past his broken heart.

A source spoke to the publication and stated the following.


Kanye has tried this before [hypnotherapy] to combat certain fears and demons in his life. Now he wants to apply it to his marriage and wipe the slate clean and hit the restart button.

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