Kim Kardashian Is Managing Kanye West's Private Life Behind His Back

Kim Kardashian Is Managing Kanye West's Private Life Behind His Back

For the past few months, Kim Kardashian has actually been doing a lot of work and managing for Kanye West, says a source. In a report from Radar Online, the publication claims that Kim has even staged a subtle intervention for the Yeezy creator.

Radar Online described Kardashian's managing of Kanye's circumstances as "aggressively running" his life without his knowledge. However, it's not scheming or malevolent; it's clearly out of benevolence.

An insider said, Kim is doing her best "to manage Kanye and he doesn't know," adding that it's a way of getting the job done without involving expensive or potentially blabby experts who may go to the press after they're done speaking with the controversial rapper.

According to Radar, Kim is managing Kanye's life because he isn't taking his medication these days. Thus, Kim is taking things into her own hands to make sure everything goes according to plan.

The insider went on to say, "everybody around Kanye thinks it's a great idea for Kim to be taking care of him like this because he's not doing well at all. Nobody knows what his deal is."

Additionally, Radar claims Kim has been reading his messages, blocking his telephone calls, and organizing his medication as well. The source went on to say, "Kim has been doing serious damage control."

On the other hand, a different source had the opposite take on things: "the reports of Kanye being crazy are simply untrue. He's an eccentric, absolutely, but not crazy."

"How could someone like him - who has released number one album after number one album, the creator of Yeezy, and the person who dresses Kardashian and her friends - be crazy? The media has merely demonized him for the sake of views and ratings. Kanye is not crazy, he's the furthest thing from it."

In the midst of reports claiming that Kanye's health is in peril, the rapper recently announced he was releasing another album soon, but would postpone it for a month.

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