Kim Kardashian Is Gorgeous In This Shirt — See The Photos

Kim Kardashian Is Gorgeous In This Shirt — See The Photos
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared several photos wearing the same orange shirt. Fans loved the look on the 39-year-old mother of four. The shirt is the Malo, short-sleeve tee-shirt in the color orange and Kim wore it in two photos on her official Instagram page. Kim has one of the most popular Instagram accounts worldwide and she has 186.8 million followers.

Kim first wore the shirt in a photo where she sat on the rim of a boat and wore a string bikini. She wore the bright orange tee-shirt over her bikini top for a striking look. She paired the outfit with a pair of Medusa Crystal-Jewel sunglasses from Versace . The sunglasses retail for approximately $300.

The Malo orange tee-shirt features a ribbed collar and ribbing on the hem of the relaxed, fit sleeves. The shirt is made from 100 percent cotton so it is breathable and cool. It features a straight hem and it is recommended that the shirt is hand-washed only.

Kim looked gorgeous and the bright orange was the perfect contrast to her dark hair that she wore parted down the middle and pulled back and away from her face. The photo has more than 3.4 million likes.

You may see the photo that Kim Kardashian shared below.

Fans were surprised when Kim posted a second photo of herself wearing the same Malo tee shirt. In the second photo, Kim was away from the water and posed for the second shot in her closet. Kim looked amazing as she wore her hair in a high ponytail, with side-swept bangs. Her ponytail fell past her shoulders and her makeup was flawless. Kim prefers a light nude lipstick and she paired it with a light brown lip liner. Her almond-shaped eyes were framed under several thick layers of black mascara.

You may see the second photo that Kim Kardashian shared wearing the same, orange Malo tee shirt below.

What do you think about the color orange on Kim Kardashian? Are you a fan of the look?

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