Kim Kardashian Is Getting Dragged For Insulting Jordyn Woods And Her Family -- Did She Forget That Ray J And Paris Hilton Helped Feed Her Clan?

Kim Kardashian Is Getting Dragged For Insulting Jordyn Woods And Her Family -- Did She Forget That  Ray J And Paris Hilton Helped Feed Her Clan?
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The entire Internet is coming for Kim Kardashian, and she is being accused of having what is known as the White Savior Syndrome after she made some surprising comments about Jordyn Woods and her family.

Kanye West's wife was talking about the drama that unfolded after it was revealed that Jordyn kissed Tristan Thompson who is Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy.

While talking about the scandal, Kim had this to say: "Kylie, she provides for her whole family off of what you have given her."

Kim was bashed and rapidly reminded that Ray J and Paris Hilton gave her first jobs, and she needs to remember where she came from.

One person slammed Kim by saying: “I wouldn't believe if he said he is “Black n Tall”????? Is Khole serious?? That statement was so racist!! And Kim talking about they employed Jordan like she some slave. Who do they think they are?? They are getting too comfortable in our culture!! THEY GOTTA GO. FamilyofHypocrites."

Another follower destroyed her comments and reminded her that she received some help along the way: "So Kim gives all credit to Kylie for allowing Jordyn to feed her family, but heaven forbid anybody uses their vast platform to say Ray-J and Paris Hilton deserve credit for her family being fed. This family re-writes history as if we aren't living in the same timeframe watching it all unfold on our own. The problem is, the “little black girl” wasn’t supposed to pull a them on them 💅🏾 That’s why they won’t let it go."

However this person decided to defend Kim by saying that there is some truth to what she said: "Oh, so Khloe did it to others, so it makes what Jordyn did OK? Say what you will, but each one of you here knows that if you helped your best friend comes up and they kissed or messed around with your sister's man, you would be livid. Half of you are sidechicks or baby mamas to a guy with a known main chick. It is UNDENIABLE that Kylie gave Jordyn a come up. If this was another family she did this to or a black family, would your views be different? You can’t deny that no one knew who Jordyn was, matter fact all of you dragged her for being Kylie’s sidekick when she was still rectangle back then. But Kylie bought her first car, gave her a guest house, gave her 10grand for her dad’s funeral when she did a go fund me, gave her COINS by doing a lip kit collab that sold out with her. She only does that with her mom & sisters so clearly they were very close. Most people didn’t even know she knew the Smiths until this recent debacle. So please Kylie put her on. Yes, she knew Jayden, but they weren’t putting coins in her pocket. The red table talk was a great idea for both Jordyn & the Smiths bc anything related to the Kardashians results in massive views. Argue with your door. I love Jordyn’s current glow up and that she’s thriving after this. But let’s not act like you wouldn’t matter something similar to Kim’s speech if your very close friend did the same. Don’t support bad behavior because someone is black. What message are you sending to the younger generation? Some of all of you can’t even give someone a 100$ in peace. So let’s all relax."

Does Kim have a point?

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