Kim Kardashian Is Divine In Christian Dior

Kim Kardashian Is Divine In Christian Dior
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian shared several photos of herself in honor of International Women's Day where she looked divine wearing a Christian Dior suit. Kim shared two solo photos of herself aboard an airplane and one group photo as she jetted off to Washington D.C. to meet with President Trump. She posted the photo slideshow on her official Instagram account, where the mother of four has 162.6 million followers. The group photo included the women whom Kim Kardashian has befriended, and lent her voice to, who have successfully had their prison sentences reduced. They include Alice Johnson, Crystal Munoz, Jessica Jackson, Judith Negron, Tynice Nichole Hall, and Erin Haney. Kim looked incredibly stylish in her first two photos as she paired her Christian Dior suit with a Hermes Kelly Bag in silver that retails for approximately $24,000. For footwear, Kim wore Manolo Blahnik Ripta Snake Double-Band Mule slides.

Kim posed in a large, oversized beige seat in the jet and gave the camera a serious stare. Her black hair was pulled back and away from her face and her makeup was flawless. She wore her mainstay, nude-colored lipstick as she braced herself in the seat with one hand. Her left hand clutched her Hermes bag as she rested her wrist upon the arm of the seat.

The Christian Dior suit is from 2019, and Kim struck a powerful figure. She looked competent and ready-for-business, while at the same time, remaining fashionable, stylish, and most of all glamorous.

You may see the photos that Kim Kardashian shared as she posed in her white, Christian Dior suit below.

In the second photo, you could see Kim's full outfit, including her gorgeous Manolo Blahnik shoes. The shoes were a perfect match with her purse. Kim leaned against the left side of the chair with her legs crossed and showed off the fancy footwear in all their glory.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian in the white Christian Dior suit? Do you think she exudes power and confidence? Many felt that her choice of suit was a perfect way to honor women on International Women's Day while also making sure she was ready for a meeting at the White House.


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