Kim Kardashian Hints Her Baby Girl's Name Will Be Inspired By A French Fashion Brand

Kim Kardashian Hints Her Baby Girl's Name Will Be Inspired By A French Fashion Brand
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Kim Kardashian has apparently picked a date when she will reveal the first picture of her baby girl.

Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, welcomed their third child via surrogacy in Los Angeles, California on Monday, January 16.

TMZ claimed that the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan was present for the arrival of the bundle of joy.

The reliable news organization claimed that the parents of North and Saint were offered almost 5 million dollars for their first photos, but they refused.

The power couple feels it is against their moral to make money off their children.

Kardashian and Mr. West always took two months to post pictures of their babies.

Therefore the stars will drop a picture of their little girl in March.

According to TMZ , the Chicago rapper and reality TV star wait about 60 days to make the move because of security issues.

Additionally, they need to know that the baby is perfectly healthy and hitting all milestones before they make their debut to the world.

A separate report from Hollywood Life said the duo is in love with their child.

A source said: “Kim and husband Kanye fell instantly in love with their new daughter and cannot stop smiling. Kim and the surrogate were both brought to tears in the delivery room at the Los Angelos hospital as the baby was immediately handed over to Kim who was overwhelmed with joy. It was a very emotional moment for Kanye too who joined the surrogate after birth, and also fought back the tears as he was allowed to hold the baby shortly after Kim.”

The tipster added: “Kim and Kanye feel like their new daughter is a gift and a dream come true for them as a couple. After all the struggles with health issues, uncertainties and choosing to go the surrogacy route, they had major doubts they would be able to continue to grow as a family. They are eternally grateful to the surrogate, and they now feel incredibly bonded as a family after bringing their miracle baby into the world together.”

A fan was quick to congratulate the business mogul by saying: "So awesome! Happy for you! Wish all the best for you and Kanye. It will be so much fun for your baby and her two new cousins who will arrive soon too. You already were a special and so unique family, loved and supported all around the world and this love still grows each time that you welcome a new little angel. A lot of love and happiness for you Kim, your dream came true!"

Fans predict they will name the baby, Sky West. But, Kardashian has just revealed that the baby's name will be inspired by Louis Vuitton with her latest photo.

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