Kim Kardashian Gunning To Replace Kelly Ripa On 'Live'?

Kim Kardashian Gunning To Replace Kelly Ripa On 'Live'?
Source: ABC

Kim Kardashian already filled in for Kelly Ripa during one episode of Live! With Kelly and Ryan, and the internet is buzzing that Kardashian wants the job full-time.

Kardashian has made attempts to transition from reality star to legitimate entertainer, but all have failed. Leaving the mother of two and wife of rapper Kanye West to settle for running her cosmetics line, Kim Kardashian-West Beauty and, prepping for the arrival of baby number three via surrogate. But, this latest opportunity to sit alongside Ryan Seacrest on the once popular morning show could be the launch of a new hosting career .

Or maybe not.

According to new reports, Seacrest sees Kardashian as the perfect replacement for Ripa. But, rumors of Kardashian being named as a one-day guest host making Ripa furious have not been confirmed.

She has not threatened to leave the show she has hosted for nearly 17 years, even though reports of Ripa not getting along with Seacrest consistently appear on social media.

New reports claim that Kardashian did so well on her guest stint – that Ripa is “terrified” Kim Kardashian might steal her job. One of the main rumors of contention between Ripa and Seacrest seems to be location.

He has always lived and worked in L.A. When he got the Live gig, Seacrest found a rental in NYC and moved East. But, he still prefers to record his daily radio show in L.A., not to mention his hosting duties when the American Idol reboot starts filming will also take place in Hollywood.

Making his desire to take Live to the West coast understandable, but Kelly Ripa and her family refuse to move. So, does Kim Kardashian’s availability in L.A. make her a more desirable co-host for Seacrest? Probably, but for now, Live is still Ripa’s show.

For the time being, Ripa is staying put as host, but all is not well on the set of Live. Ratings have declined since Michael Strahan left the show last year. Seacrest was named the new co-host in May, but ratings continue to fall.

As it turns out, Seacrest may not have been the best fit for the show. He doesn’t seem to be connecting with the Live ! audience, and only seems to be popular with a younger, music loving crowd.

Only time will tell if Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have what it takes to keep their on-air relationship going.


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  • Roberta J
    Roberta J Sep 16, 2017 1:57 PM PDT

    Ripa is a worse host than her or anyone on the planet!

  • Laura Minch
    Laura Minch Sep 15, 2017 1:56 AM PDT

    If Kim takes Kelly's place I will never watch the show again. She is a horrible wicked woman.

  • JP
    JP Sep 14, 2017 10:04 AM PDT

    ? she can't even speak one sentence without screwing up. Her airhead followers aren't on the same level as "live" viewers. She's insufferable.

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