Kim Kardashian Got Breast, Butt Reduction Surgery, According To Source

Kim Kardashian Got Breast, Butt Reduction Surgery, According To Source
Credit: MTO News

Kim Kardashian is everywhere claiming that dieting is doing wonders for her figure, but according to people in the know, this is not true.

The reality television icon reportedly had breast and butt reduction surgeries in recent weeks to get back in ideal shape.

A representative for the businesswoman is in different places saying that Kanye West's wife has managed to get in this top form mostly through exercising and healthy eating.

However, an insider was quick to say: "She lost way too much butt and too much boob, I don’t think that was through diet alone."

Experts have been saying for weeks that Kardashian was having things done to find the body she had before she became famous, now sources from her inner circle are confirming the reports.

A thorough look at some old photos compared to new ones seems to confirm that the TV star indeed went under the knife.

The 36-year-old socialite might have done the surgeries for other reasons than simply looking great in a bikini for summer.

Another source shared: "When Kim was young and her b**bs were these perky things, it was different." The same person added: "But after having two kids and breast feeding with the both of them, Kim really feels like her b**bs have gotten out of hand."

This second insider concluded with: "Kim says that her boobs hurt her back and she cannot live with the fact that she is starting to get stretch marks on her breasts."

All of this comes barely five months after the mother of two went through a very traumatic event in Paris, France.

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