Kim Kardashian Goes Out To Dinner With Kanye West And Wears No Makeup — Shocks Fans!

Kim Kardashian Goes Out To Dinner With Kanye West And Wears No Makeup — Shocks Fans!
Credit: Source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian is going viral for new photos and you might be shocked to find out why. Known for her glamorous looks and never taking a photo without having her hair, makeup, and outfit just right, Kim's fans couldn't believe she was bare-faced and without one drop of makeup. Known for having psoriasis, it's possible that Kim's skin simply hurt too much to wear makeup, but the real reason why she went makeup-free remains unknown.

Not only did Kim opt for a casual look by wearing comfy sweat pants and a sweatshirt, but she also chose not to cover up a few blemishes that were present on her skin. As Kim is easily recognized for her flawless makeup looks, many were shocked to see her displaying a few pimples on her skin.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were seen at the Bungalow restaurant that is located in Santa Monica, California, Kanye had some sort of brace or bandage on his left wrist.

You may see a report from The Daily Mail including photos of Kim and Kanye from their night out on the town below.

Several celebrities, including Kim's sister Kourtney, have recently received praise for sharing natural photos of themselves. Kourtney shared a picture of herself in a swimsuit and chose not to cover up her stretch marks. The photos went viral and drew praise from millions who said they could identify with Kourtney and appreciated her showing a real picture of herself.

The move came right before Kourtney unveiled her new leopard-print turban available at Poosh to fans who were thrilled with the product. Model Ashley Graham is pregnant with her first child and she also shared a photo of herself naked and bared her stretch marks. The photo went viral over the weekend and many fans were thrilled to finally see a supermodel who looked like them.

Some suspect that Kim Kardashian may be trying to follow the new trend by appearing in public without all the glitz and glam. What do you think of Kim's latest photos? Are you surprised to see Kim Kardashian out and about in public without wearing any makeup?


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