Kim Kardashian Flips Off The Paparazzi Amid Rumors That She'll Join American Idol Reboot

Kim Kardashian Flips Off The Paparazzi Amid Rumors That She'll Join American Idol Reboot

Amid reports that she could be one of the new American Idol judges, the reality TV star had a meltdown and took it all on the photographers who were trying to take pictures of her. While she was talking on the phone in her car, Kim Kardashian wanted to shoo away those pesky paparazzi and what better way to do so but by flipping the bird.

Even though the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is usually happy to pose for the cameras, this time she wouldn’t have it.

She seemed engrossed in the conversation, so when she saw the paparazzi, she grimaced and showed them the middle finger, visibly annoyed.

She slowly put her finger down after making sure they got the message.

But the reality TV star might want to be more careful about her actions considering we have learned that American Idol host Ryan Seacrest wants her to join the hit show’s reboot as a member of the judge panel.

Even though we know for sure that Katy Perry is going to be a judge, with the production starting very soon, the team is frantic to find more stars to judge as quickly as possible. Read more about it here .

And while execs are searching for possible new additions in the music world, Seacrest seems to believe ‘game changer’ Kim Kardashian would be even better for the job.

‘Promotion and social media are just as important to being a successful artist as singing. People might moan at first that she does not have experience with music but they did the same when Heidi Klum joined the panel at America’s Got Talent. At least Kim is from the USA, and she certainly knows how to make great TV,’ a source claimed Seacrest thinks.


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