Kim Kardashian Fights Back Against Sharon Osbourne’s ‘Ho’ Attack: ‘It Made Her Sound Really Stupid’

Kim Kardashian Fights Back Against Sharon Osbourne’s ‘Ho’ Attack: ‘It Made Her Sound Really Stupid’

Kim Kardashian is fighting back against the talk show host’s claims about her. Not only did Sharon Osborne say the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is not a feminist despite claiming so, but also said she looks like a ‘ho!’

The Talk star couldn’t help but be very frank last week when she slammed the Kardashian for the naked pictures she always shares on social media.

Claiming that what Kim is doing is not feminism, Osbourne went on to slut shame Kim and the rest of her family.

The woman said they only live off of their bodies and and everything they do is sell sex – from sex tapes to wearing revealing clothing to getting with pretty much half of the Los Angeles male population!

Osbourne explained that Kim is totally free to expose her body as much as and often as she pleases but that she should not be called a feminist for it but a ‘ho.’

The TV personality stressed that there is nothing wrong with being that but that she just wants Kim to realize where she stands.

Now, Kim Kardashian answered Osbourne’s attack by saying: First of all, I think she claimed I said a quote about, ‘I post nude photos in the name of feminism.’ Never said that. So I think when people misquote you and then comment, it just sounds ridiculous. I post nude photos because I like how I look and I feel proud when I have lost all this baby weight, and I post it because I feel like posting it and I feel powerful,’ claimed the reality TV star.

She then added that despite being very comfortable with showing skin, Kim was never a ‘free the nipple kind of girl,’ and so Osbourne misquoting her made the other woman sound really stupid.

Kim has claimed before that she feels in her heart she is a feminist but never liked labels, so she doesn’t use the word to describe herself.


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  • J bru
    J bru Sep 10, 2017 6:15 PM PDT

    Can't turn a hoe into a house wife. She needs to sit down. All the women in her family are hoes not one can keep a man. And they steal men from they families. They deserve all the negative comments. They're not women, they are leaches.

  • JP
    JP Sep 10, 2017 11:40 AM PDT

    100% on Sharon Osborne side. Kardashians are just class.

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