Kim Kardashian Debuts First Photo Of Baby Chicago West -- 'KUWTK' Star Has A Mini-Me Daughter

Kim Kardashian Debuts First Photo Of Baby Chicago West -- 'KUWTK' Star Has A Mini-Me Daughter
Credit: Credit: Instagram

Baby Chicago West has made her official debut on Instagram with mom Kim Kardashian.

After finally meeting Toya Wright's cute baby Reign, Kanye West's bundle of joy is now taking over social media in a sweet selfie.

In the photo, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and her one-month-old daughter are both dressed in white as they gaze at the camera.

The mom of three captioned the photo: "Baby Chigaco."

Via Twitter, Kardashian explained whom she thinks Chi looks like by writing: “The sweetest! Best baby! She looks a tiny bit like North [West] and a tiny bit like Saint [West] but her own person!"

A person, who disagreed, stated: "She’s cute! But doesn’t look like North or Saint. Don't get me wrong the baby is gorgeous but why did Toya baby girl got so much mean comments but Kim baby girl get all the love."

Another explained: "Stop saying she’s so fair skinned compared to north and saint... because this silly filter also alters the shape of the face and lightens the tones of your skin too soon take that into consideration when you say she’s white. She’s beautiful!!! That’s all that matters. Period! Yes, they did. Kim's egg, Kanye's sperm. The surrogate just "baked the cake" leave them alone."

A third commenter shared: "YESSSS she's everything !!!!! My sister pulled thru with another beautiful kid. Oh my god what a gorgeous baby girl. I am going crazy, the baby so cute. But Y'all some hypocrites yall was just talking about Toya baby but underneath here praising this baby and Kylie baby."

According to Hollywood Life , North and Saint are great siblings.

A source revealed: “North is finally embracing her role as big sister after some initial acting out with Saint. North now has a cute nickname for Chicago — she calls her ‘my baby,’ and she’s been helping with bottle feeding and changing her diapers.It was difficult at first for North to adjust to having a new baby in the house, but now she has bonded with Chicago. Kim is relieved that all her efforts to eliminate all sibling rivalry have paid off.”

The family friend added: "Saint is handling it well too. He is a good 2-year-old and plays with himself and his toys and hardly notices the new baby in the house. Kim is super relieved this has been the easiest of the three babies.”

Congrats to the family.

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