Kim Kardashian Covers Grandma MJ’s Veins With New KKW Body Line In Video That Show’s The Amazing Results

Kim Kardashian Covers Grandma MJ’s Veins With New KKW Body Line In Video That Show’s The Amazing Results
Credit: YouTube

Kim Kardashian is more than happy to have her famous family members test out her KKW Beauty products.

The latest member she roped into helping her out is Grandma MJ. Kardashian decided to use Kris Jenner's mom to show just how amazing her new KKW Beauty body line is and the results were truly astonishing.

In true beauty mogul fashion, Kardashian went to social media to share the transformation with her followers. On Wednesday night, the 38-year-old posted a video featuring Grandma MJ's hands and arms. Now since MJ is 85-years-old, her skin needed a lot of smoothing and covering up of veins.

Kardashian was more than thrilled to help MJ out after her grandma began asking her about her new body foundation.

"My grandma MJ asked me about my Body Makeup and wanted me to come over to help cover her veins. North & I went straight to her house & showed her exactly how to use it & I love how happy she is with the results," the reality TV star shared.

Kardashian is no stranger to using body foundation. She used the demonstration video to discuss some of the issues she has endured over the years with various makeup lines.

The two struggles the KKW Beauty mogul has had is that the foundation is either dry and does not transfer to the skin properly or it is super moisturizing and but completely transfers. Her new product is a combination of both.

"If you let it dry before putting your clothes on it transfers way less, and if you set it with a translucent powder, it hardly transfers at all. It was important to keep the skin looking flawless yet natural," she explained.

She continues to share more about the product and the transformation in the video, before finally having her followers' swipe to the last slide to see MJ's transformation.

"Oh, my goodness, look at the difference. For someone my age, isn't that amazing? That looks so much better hides all the purple. Not that I don't like purple, but you know," expresses the delighted grandma.

Based on the video footage of Kim Kardashian covering her grandma's veins with KKW Body foundation, it appears the product is fantastic. The results are unbelievable. MJ's hands look decades younger!

The only real way to find out if a product works is for a person to test it themselves. However, the video certainly has people intrigued about Kardashian's last beauty product.


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