Kim Kardashian Changes Her Name – Is Kimye Over for Good?

Kim Kardashian Changes Her Name – Is Kimye Over for Good?

Ever since she was robbed at gun point while in Paris, three months ago, Kim Kardashian has stayed away from the public life, not only rarely going out but also keeping to herself and keeping far from social media as well.

As fans already know, in 2016, the robbery was not the only problem she had. It was a chaotic year for pretty much the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan, especially for Kim’s husband Kanye West.

As we have been keeping you posted, Kanye West was taken to the UCLA Medical Center after having a mental breakdown. Before that, the rapper acted strange on many occasions, the last time being during his concert when he interrupted the whole performance only to rant about Jay Z and Beyonce for minutes on end, angering fans and fellow celebrities alike.

After returning back home, Kanye did not give up being difficult and ignored the medical advices he received.

For Kim it had been a difficult time as it was, but to deal with her problematic husband made it even worse and so their marriage began crumbling down.

Recently, on January 2, she decided that it was a new year and a new Kim and so she returned to social media after three months of absence. However, it looks like Kanye was not so pleased about that.

Kardashian posted a family video on her app and even updated her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. What was shocking, however, is the fact that she also deleted “Kardashian-West” from her profiles for a short period of time. She quickly added the last name back but the speculations could not help but appear.

Does what she did mean that the split was inevitable by now?

As we have been reporting, going to couples’ counseling was not very successful. According to insiders, Kimye continued to live “completely separate” lives, and even on Christmas they were not together.


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