Kim Kardashian Celebrates Another Release From Prison - T.I. Praises Her

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Another Release From Prison - T.I. Praises Her
Credit: BET

Kim Kardashian is happy to announce to her fans that another man who was convicted for life is getting out of jail. The Shade Room has more details on the subject.

TSR wrote that 'a Washington, DC inmate has just been released from prison after spending nearly 23 years behind bars for murder. With the help of #KimKardashian, he can now live as a free man.'

TSR cites the NY Post and reveals that '39-year-old #MomoluStewart was convicted of murder in 1999 after being tried as an adult at the age of 16. His life sentence, however, was suspended Friday and he walked out of the DC Central Detention facility on Monday.'

'I was buried alive,' Momolu said. 'So now, I've been resurrected. I'm back and I'm better.'

Two months ago, Kim championed Momolu's case, according to the reports coming from TSR.

'She fye🔥' Tip wrote and a follower posted: '@troubleman31 yes and the original team behind it that help her make it happen💪🙏'

Porsha Williams also praised Kim in the comments.

Another commenter said: 'Kim could find the cure for cancer, and somehow people would still find a way to hate on her 🤦🏾‍♂️'

Someone does not agree that Kim is so great and said: 'All of y’all praising this got issues...WHAT MAKES KIM SO SPECIAL to get inmates released so quick!!! When our own race fights every day to overturn convictions and it either never happens or takes years’s something being done behind closed doors but let someone speak on that then THEY HATING smhhh.'

One Instagrammer said, 'Let’s not forget the black women behind the scenes that helped and actually did the work.'

Just the other day, Kim was in Armenia with her children and several family members as she prepared to have three of her four children baptized.

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