Kim Kardashian Attacked Online For North West Supposedly Ripping Off A 5-Year-Old YouTube Star

Kim Kardashian Attacked Online For North West Supposedly Ripping Off A 5-Year-Old YouTube Star
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Kim Kardashian found herself in hot water with people on social media for the umpteenth time - again. Page Six claims the reality star recently explained that she "didn't mean" to copy the performance of another young child.

This past Thursday, the 6-year-old, North West, put on a performance at the Yeezy Season 8 Fashion show in Paris, France, and not long after, a YouTube star's parents called her out for North West performing along to the same song their child, ZaZa, used.

The young YouTuber's parents placed a comparison video on their Instagram, showing that theirs came first. In fact, they argued that they had been working on the dance in the studio in July of last year. On the 'Gram, the family asked for "respect/homage."

They added that, while some people might think they're very mad about it, they're not. They just wanted to see Kim and Kanye show support to the originator. Moreover, they explained that while they adore Kanye West's journey as an artist, they don't want to see their own daughter's career "stifled."

Fans of the Kardashian-Jenner family know this won't be the first time Kim or other members of the family have had to apologize or admit wrong-doing.

Several years ago, Kylie and Kendall sparked controversy when they used copyrighted images of notorious celebrities and performers such as Ozzy Osbourne, Jim Morrison, Tupac, and The Notorious BIG, to create their own extremely high-priced t-shirts.

The two sisters then superimposed their own faces over each artist, leading to The Notorious BIG's estate addressing the matter directly on Instagram. Later, both parties apologized and admitted they made a huge mistake.

And last summer, Kim Kardashian came under massive pressure on social media, and even from the mayor of Tokyo, after she launched a brand new product line that was a play on words: Kimono. The name of the product was a combination of her name and the classic Japanese outfit, the Kimono.

After she went public with the product line, a social media hashtag began trending, "KimOhNo.

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