Kim Kardashian Asks The Governor Of Colorado To Change The State's Laws -Here's Why

Kim Kardashian Asks The Governor Of Colorado To Change The State's Laws -Here's Why
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Kim Kardashian continues to help people. Check out what she did not too long ago that managed to impress her fans.

The Shade Room notes that Kim Kardashian calls on the Governor of Colorado #JaredPolis to change the state’s laws after Rogel Aguilera Mederos was sentenced to 110 years in prison after a 2019 trucking accident that killed four people.

'As we previously reported, Rogel told police the brakes on the semi tractor-trailer failed on Interstate 70 near Denver. Currently, his lawyer #JamesColgan is working to appeal his sentence,' TSR.

Someone said: 'One thing about Kim. She practices what she preaches. She tries to help. Can’t hate on that.'

A follower said: 'I truly don’t understand this…110 years for something he had absolutely NO control over?' and someone else responded with: ' I mean damn, I woke up to a slew of comments REPEATING the same damn thing over & over. I understand the man is guilty…but to give him life basically is just not sitting right with me. But you know; if you have an opinion; you're part of the problem. Don’t pay them no mind.'

A fan said: ' I think because of the law in that state, but let’s be real, 110!yrs is very excessive and he really not 100 percent at fault, anyone of us can get in our car and our breaks fail, these companies don’t care unless the truck breaks down doing the person route.'

Somoene else posted this: 'I have the upmost respect for Kim. Because she’s using her influence and power for the greater good. Respect to you, queen,' and a follower said: 'all this social injustice cases she’s been fighting for and winning ! Is making her finer and finer in my eyes.'

About a week ago, Kim Kardashian   is talking about a pretty delicate subject that she talked to her kids about as well. Check out what The Shade Room posted about all this below.


'As a businesswoman and pop culture superstar, #KimKardashian's success if often criticized by people who accuse her of trying to mirror the image of a black woman. In a recent interview with @i_d, Kim addressed the various cultural appropriation claims, from the rebranding of her shape wear line, to wearing matching cornrows with her daughter North,' TSR said.

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