Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 9-Year-Old daughter North West is now called the 'Queen of vintage

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 9-Year-Old daughter North West is now called the 'Queen of vintage
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North West was able to outshine the star mom, and this is already a very impressive achievement.

This season, celebrities are increasingly turning to the archives of famous brands in search of the perfect dress. Kim Kardashian now and then wears vintage outfits, and Bella Hadid has spent almost the last couple of months in similar outfits.

And the reality TV star's young daughter, North West, definitely takes a cue from her mom. In fact, she does it even better.

The other day, the paparazzi noticed Kim and North together in Paris - they arrived at the Dior Homme Menswear Spring Summer 2023 show.

Kardashian looked pretty bright in neon green leggings and a laconic military print T-shirt. However, her daughter attracted much more attention.

North opted for black trousers, rhyming with rough platform boots and metallic details. However, the main focus of the whole image was the blue bomber jacket of the now-defunct Kanye Noughties Pastelle brand.

The coincidences are not accidental - this brand was created by the girl's father, and she worked in the distant zero.
Now things of this brand are so rare that bombers, jackets, and many other things cost tens of thousands of dollars.

By the way, before North, Kanye wore exactly the same - if not the same - wardrobe item in 2008. While Kardashian acknowledged that her "little ones really don't understand," she noted that her two older children "know what's going on."

"You just have to be there for them," he said. "It doesn't matter; even in the crazy life we're living in, you have to really talk openly with your kids. Kanye and I have talked.


We talk to the kids every day. I have to do it, so you know, I hate it. I had to play like that. But when it comes to family, I mean, Kanye and I will always be family.

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