Kim Jong-un Rumored To Be Dead Following Weeks-Long Absence

Kim Jong-un Rumored To Be Dead Following Weeks-Long Absence
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a report from the Japanese media which claimed the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is laying in a vegetative state. Other media outlets, such as one from Hong Kong, reported that the Korean leader has passed away.

Interestingly, Kim Jong Un has been in the media repeatedly over the last week due to his absence at an event for The Day of the Sun, which honors his late grandfather. There are rumors that the North Korean authoritarian has gotten sick, but the South Korean leader claims the rumors are untrue.

Hot New Hip Hop claims, however, that Kim Jong Un may actually be dead, at least according to a Hong Kong media's vice director, who also happens to be the niece of a Chinese official.

This comes after reports claiming that China sent a medical team to check in on the North Korean politician following rumors of his disappearance. The International Business Times reported on comments from a "very solid source," who claims the rumors first began on Weibo, a social media application.

Other outlets, such as one from Japan, claims the North Korean dictator has merely fallen sick after getting heart surgery. TMZ reported that Kim Jong Un had to get a stent procedure following some kind of incident at the beginning of this month.

It was stated that the surgery wasn't done correctly; wasn't completed fast enough, and that the surgeon's hands were not sufficiently steady. Newsweek also reported on Kim Jong Un's disappearance on Saturday, however, the outlet reported that US military intelligence believes nothing has changed in the nation's military actions.

In other words, it looks like it's business as usual in North Korea. At the moment, it's not clear where he is or why he's absent, but some on social media believe he may have fallen ill with COVID-19.

As most know, the world is currently locked down, with many nations fighting back against the highly contagious virus.

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