Kim Jong-un Body Double Conspiracy Theories Persist Following The Leader's Re-Appearence

Kim Jong-un Body Double Conspiracy Theories Persist Following The Leader's Re-Appearence
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Kim Jong-un has been sparking rumors and speculation all over social media ever since multiple outlets noted his disappearance from the public eye. As it was previously reported, Kim Jong-un didn't appear in public for several weeks , including during a special anniversary weekend.

In the past, reporters, conspiracy theories, and other political pundits have suggested that the North Korean dictator actually uses stunt-doubles whenever he doesn't want to go out. These rumors have come to the forefront once again, following the release of several photos of Kim Jong-un cutting a ribbon.

In case you missed it, reports began appearing suggesting that Kim Jong-un was either sick with the coronavirus, or he had died. South Korea, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied the reports and said that dictator was doing just fine.

This past week, Louise Mensch, a former conservative in British parliament suggested that the photos dropped by the North Korean government approximately seven days ago were fake, or rather, depicting someone else who merely looked like Kim Jong-un.

Louise took to her Twitter account to point out differences between the person and past pictures of Kim Jong-un. She claimed the teeth and the eye-brows looked different, although, TMZ later said these comparisons were not accurate.

Reportedly, TMZ got their hands on the real photo and discovered that the one Mensch was looking at was altered through photoshop. Regardless, the status of Kim Jong-un is still up for debate in many corners of the internet.

As it was mentioned above, other rumors suggested Kim Jong-un was merely sick at home with the coronavirus. At the moment, the world is fighting back against the coronavirus which has led to the containment of people all over the world.

In North Korea, there hasn't been much information released to international governments on how the nation is doing, although, there isn't much traveling to and from the country either.

South Korea, on the other hand, has practically flattened the curve since it began spreading there. The country has been the recipient of praise for how they handled the outbreak.

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