Kim Fields Doesn't Regret Her Time On RHOA - Would She Return?

Kim Fields Doesn't Regret Her Time On RHOA - Would She Return?
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During a brand new interview, Kim Fields talked about Real Housewives of Atlanta and revealed if she would be willing to come back to the show! Here’s what she had to say!

As longtime fans know, Fields exited RHOA after season eight.

The star left reality TV and now plays the character of Rhonda on a scripted series – Living the Dream!

That is not to say she cannot look back and reminisce about her time on Real Housewives!

Kim chatted with HollywoodLife and when asked if there were any positive experiences while on the show, the woman did not hesitate to say: ‘Yeah, absolutely! I don’t do regrets for any of it, and I don’t put any highlight on any one area that was any end-all or be-all.’

Does that mean she would consider coming back if the opportunity was given to her?

Apparently, the answer is ‘No, and not just with that show, but with most of the characters that I play and the work that I’ve done it’s like — you don’t want to go backwards. If I’ve done that, I don’t want to feel like I’m in backwards motion. When people talk about reboots and reunions and things like that, it’s like, ‘Mmm? We’ve done that. So unless you’re offering something that’s new about it, then probably not.'’

So is there anything that can change her mind?

Judging by how happy she is, acting on a scripted show, diehard fans should not hold onto any hope she would rejoin the RHOA cast anytime soon – or ever!

Kim told the news outlet that ‘I’m really about scripted. That’s my sweet spot. That’s my first love. It served its purpose. Dancing [on DWTS] had its wonderful purpose and beyond and opening up a whole new skill set to me and genre in that regard.’

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