Kim Cattrall Shows No Regrets Over Turning Down Involvement In SATC Reboot By Liking THIS Tweet!

Kim Cattrall Shows No Regrets Over Turning Down Involvement In SATC Reboot By Liking THIS Tweet!
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As you might have heard, a Sex and the City revival is being made, and almost all the main cast members have announced their involvement - all but one! Kim Cattrall is not interested in reprising her famous role in the beloved TV show and after turning down the offer, she apparently has no regrets!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, as well as Kristin Davis are going to appear in the HBO Max ten episode special as they have confirmed on their social media platforms but Kim Cattrall has no intention in revisiting the story, mainly because of her beef with SJP.

The new series is titled And Just Like That and many fans would have loved to have the entire friend group on the small screen but unfortunately, while they played fictional friends, in real life, Cattrall and Parker are far from it.

In fact, she hasn't been on the best of terms with the rest of the cast either and back in 2017, while chatting with Piers Morgan, she admitted that they'd never been friends behind the cameras.

Yesterday, Kim took to her account to suggest she's putting herself first in reference to her absence from the revival show without addressing it directly.

Instead, she just liked a post from a fan who seemingly understood her point of view perfectly.

'I absolutely love Sex and the City and whilst I'm saddened Samantha will not return, I applaud doing what's best for you and think this is great example of putting yourself first. Well done @KimCattrall 💖💖💖,' the fan praised her.

In the meantime, however, Sarah Jessica Parker once again denied that she has any bad blood with Cattrall.

When one comment on Instagram suggested that she 'disliked' Kim, she insisted that was not the case.

'No. I don't dislike her. I have never said that. Never would. Samantha is not part of this story. But she'll always be part of us. No matter where we are or what we do,' she responded.


'Happy to see you back but will miss Kim/Samantha,' another fan of the show commented, prompting Parker to reply, once again, this time claiming: 'We will too. We loved her so.'

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