Kim Burrell's Praise Of Le'andria Johnson And Shade Of Fantasia Met With Backlash As Fantasia Responds

Kim Burrell's Praise Of Le'andria Johnson And Shade Of Fantasia Met With Backlash As Fantasia Responds
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Gospel singer Kim Burell has created a whirlwind of media attention and it isn't positive. During a live performance, Kim Burrell praised Le'andria Johnson while simultaneously throwing shade at Fantasia. This created online drama that has not been without notice. Not only did the comments stir up strife and contention, but Fantasia later responded to them while she was performing. Social media continues to weigh in on the debate with many people choosing to stand up for Fantasia and against Burrell.

First, if you haven't seen the video of Kim Burrell making the comments you can watch it in the video player below. Essentially, Kim Burrell was saying that if they want to turn Aretha Franklin's life into a movie, they should have Le'andria Johnson sing in it rather than Fantasia. Fantasia was one of the vocalists at Aretha Franklin's public memorial service.

The diss was to say that Fantasia doesn't sing as well as Le'andria. It's also unclear if any offers have been made to Fantasia to portray Aretha Franklin in a movie. There are reports that Jennifer Hudson will portray Aretha in the MGM movie Respect directed by Liesl Tommy and written by Thelma and Louise's Callie Khouri.

You may see the video with Kim Burrell making the comments in the video player below.

What many people don't understand is why Kim Burrell brought up Fantasia's name to begin with. Many found the remarks not only hurtful and cruel but unnecessary as well.

Fantasia responded to the remarks during her live show and a video by GossipGirlXoXo has gone viral. Check out GossipGirl's exclusive report and watch the videos of Fantasia responding to the diss in the video player below.

Fantasia really opened up about her life, and how hard she has had it with people judging her. This is one argument where people are clearly siding with Fantasia and are even responding positively to the way she handled the remarks.

Fantasia delivered a heartfelt message that nearly bordered a sermon as she encouraged people to show God's love to those who are down and live their lives to lift people up instead of tearing one another down.

Many have said that the fact this is is all playing out in the arena of Gospel music is a shame.

What do you think of the way Fantasia handled the remarks?


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