Kim And Kanye's Marriage May Not Survive The Rapper's Most Recent Media Spectacle

Kim And Kanye's Marriage May Not Survive The Rapper's Most Recent Media Spectacle
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Kim and Kanye's marriage may be in peril, Page Six has learned. Insiders who spoke with the outlet this week claimed the pair of celebs are currently at a crossroads in their marriage following Kanye's bombshell revelations this week while at a campaign rally in South Carolina.

Sources state that Mr. West's recent South Carolina rally has stirred up problems in their marriage after the rapper claimed he wanted to abort his first child with Kim. Moreover, West also criticized the legacy of Harriet Tubman during his speech.

Insiders who spoke with Page Six say his latest antics are a result of a "terrible" manic episode. Fans of the rapper know he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. According to the outlet, the Kar-Jenner clan has his back, but the situation isn't good.

The source says they "don't know if they can survive" it this time. Furthermore, the insider claims they're not really angry with him. If anything, there is a sense of compassion for Kanye.

At the moment, the family is allegedly coming up with a strategy for how they should handle Kanye right now. The sad part of the issue, the source explained, is Kanye often comes out of the episode, realizes what he has done, and then apologizes for his behavior.

But the source says this last time may have been too much for the family to deal with. As it was previously reported, Kanye said he dealt with his first manic episode back in 2019. And in 2016, the rapper was hospitalized for a "psychiatric emergency."

Kanye stirred headlines at the time for a rant on stage in which he slammed Beyonce and Jay-Z, two of his close and personal friends. As it was previously reported, Kanye took to the stage in South Carolina this week to say Harriet Tubman never actually freed slaves. She merely sent them to work for "other white people."

This week, the rapper thanked Dave Chappelle for coming out to visit him at his ranch.

This all comes after the controversial performing artist announced he was going to run for the presidency this year on the 4th of July. The decision was met with derision by many in the entertainment industry, but by others, with praise.

For instance, Jamie Foxx described Kanye as a "clown" who nobody had time for anymore. On the other hand, rappers such as YG claimed he would be voting for the rapper if given the opportunity.

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