Killer Mike Speaks On 21 Savage Arrest - Says It's "Shameful"

Killer Mike Speaks On 21 Savage Arrest - Says It's "Shameful"
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Killer Mike has revealed his opinion on the highly controversial deporting of 21 Savage. In case you missed it, it was revealed this past week that the Immigration Enforcement and Customs Agency of the United States, is currently in the middle of the deportation process of the Grammy-nominated rapper.

Interestingly, the United States government claims 21 Savage is actually a citizen of the United Kingdom and has been in the United States illegally for several years. It was reported by multiple outlets that Mr. Savage came to the United States in the mid-2000s.

Killer Mike, who sat down with reporters from XXL, said that "21 Savage's deportation is shameful on our nation." The legendary hip-hop figure claims that Savage has been in the United States so long that he "literally talks, walks, acts, is and is the father of an American."

According to, Killer Mike is an educated man whose opinions are characterized by wisdom and sociopolitical knowledge, so for that reason, his opinions carry more importance.

According to Killer Mike, the immigration policy of the United States doesn't take into account the way African peoples have been treated throughout history. He stated, "meaning people whose ancestors were kidnapped and taken from a continent" are now being told they simply "belong to those world empires."

While it's truly a tragedy that 21 Savage is currently being deported, perhaps the more insidious side of the story is the fact he was involved in a quasi-car chase in which another car had an M4 pointed at police officers. Moreover, if someone isn't a citizen and they're involved in a heinous crime, officials have the right to persecute them under the law.

It's important for people, at this point, to wait for more information as the situation is currently unclear. 21 Savage is actually nominated for several Grammy awards as well. Last year, he had one of the biggest hits along with the trap-pop artist, Post-Malone.

Social media has taken the situation rather lightly in the last few days. Demi Lovato was actually forced to delete her Twitter account after she posted a 21 Savage meme that poked fun at his supposed United Kingdom citizenship.

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