Kid Buu Shades Blac Chyna And Tells Her, 'You Did Invite The Devil Into Your Home' - She Responds

Kid Buu Shades Blac Chyna And Tells Her, 'You Did Invite The Devil Into Your Home' - She Responds
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You probably already know that she romance between Blac Chyna and Kid Buu did not last too long. The two of them broke up during their vacay to Hawaii, and the police had to come over to the hotel - it was that nasty.

Rumors were claiming that Kid Buu got brutal with Chyna, but the man made sure to film himself and post the video online in which he denied such allegations.

But after that,  TMZ  brought the most horrible news involving Buu .

It seems that he has been charged and convicted of child abuse after the cops said that he punched his baby mama in front of their child.

Anyway, now, Buu is dissing Chyna on Instagram, writing that she did invite the devil in her home, but it was not him. Check out his post below.

Someone wrote 'Blac Chyna CANNOT keep a man idk why everyone’s moving like they didn’t know this.'

Another follower said that 'He sounds like an emo teen getting his heart broken for the first time.'

Someone else wrote 'He mom musta been texting him that in that vid we have seen and he literally ate his phone 😂😆 makes sense.'

See Chyna's clapback below as well.

A person commented: 'Contract must be over. On to the next.. hey the bills have to get paid somehow.'

One follower wrote this: 'Don’t go out your way to find a new man every month! Respect yourself ❣️'

A commenter said that Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni is probably right: 'I'm convinced it's her...and yall clown her mom...she be knowing wth she talking about!'

Speaking of Toni, after Chyna flaunted her new mansion online, fans advised her to talk to her mom and make up already.

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