Khloe Kardashian's Mother Kris Jenner Thinks She Will Return To California -- Tristan Thompson Is Angry

Khloe Kardashian's Mother Kris Jenner Thinks She Will Return To California -- Tristan Thompson Is Angry
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In a recent interview, Kris Jenner surprised many by explaining that Khloe Kardashian, who has been holed up in Ohio since giving birth, is set to return to California soon.

The momager sat down with Us Weekly at the American Woman premiere at the Chateau Marmont last week where she gave an update on baby True Thompson and Khloe by saying: "She’ll be home soon, so it’s really great."

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that Khloe's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, was angered by Kris' announcement.

The basketball star was hoping that Khloe would stay in Cleveland until the playoffs are over to avoid more drama.

The insider claimed: “Tristan is furious at Kris Jenner right now for talking about Khloe moving back to California. Tristan is now worried about his future with Khloe and where she and True will be living after the season is over.”

The person added: “Tristan is upset and angry because Khloe promised him that they would make major decisions about their future together. But now it seems clear that Khloe has already made this important choice without his opinion which has him freaking out. He wants to know where he fits into this move, if at all. And it’s the last thing he wants to be thinking about during this, the most stressful week of his career.”

One fan reacted to the story by saying: "Has True met her dad's other girlfriend’s baby ???"

Another commenter stated: "Hi Khloe, I just wanted to reach out and say a huge congratulations on the birth of beautiful True. I am not one to write in the comments, but I have always had a massive soft spot for you and have been following your story for a while. I am glad that God brought you your precious gift at the right time as you deserve to be happy. The start of your next chapter and the ending of your last shows that dreams can come true even when health professionals and others doubt it. Stay happy and best and enjoy your princesses don't listen to friends and family, do you koko."

It is hard to predict what Khloe will do next.

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