Khloe Kardashian`Is Tired Of Getting Embarrassed By Men Like Tristan Thompson -- Here Is What She Is Looking For In Her Next Guy

Khloe Kardashian`Is Tired Of Getting Embarrassed By Men Like Tristan Thompson -- Here Is What She Is Looking For In Her Next Guy
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Khloe Kardashian just cannot catch a break. The celebrity has dated three NBA stars so far, and they have all ended up cheating on her sooner or later.

It looks like Khloe is entirely done with the idea of going out with athletes at this point, and has been considering a sort of “detox” for her dating life.

Whether she is going to move to another stereotype or avoid dating as a whole for a while, it is hard to say.

One thing is sure though -- Khloe wants to see a change in her life situation and has been disappointed by her love life in particular.

According to sources, she still looks back fondly on her time with Tristan Thompson, but she is not planning on getting back together with him anytime soon.

An insider told Hollywood Life : "Khloe is tired of being embarrassed by NBA players and she is ready to date differently. Khloe is still coming to terms with everything that happened between her and Tristan. She was in denial for a long time, but she’s now seeing things with much more clarity, and she’s vowed to make real changes from now on. Khloe doesn’t regret her time with Tristan because she has her perfect little angel True. But make no mistake, Khloe’s very angry with Tristan, she feels betrayed, hurt and broken-hearted over the way he betrayed her."

The person added: "The worst part is that it reminds her so much of what she went through with Lamar. Khloe is determined never to get hurt this way again. She knows she deserves better, so she’s rethinking her approach to love and relationships. She is ready to date a doctor, entrepreneur, or even maybe an actor. But she is swearing off NBA guys for good after failing miserably with Lamar, Tristan, and even James Harden. She has decided she needs an athlete detox to quit her addiction to ballers. She is ready to change her ways for good."

She does love her young daughter, True, very much on the other hand, and does not associate the child with Tristan himself.

However, some sources have commented that Khloe still gets reminded of her time with Tristan now and then, and her motherhood has been a challenging one.

In the end, any NBA stars who were hoping to get in bed with Khloe will want to look elsewhere.

It is clear at this point that she has no intention of looking down that road anytime soon.

Many people have been curiously debating who her next boyfriend might be, but it does not look like Khloe herself is all too certain of that right now.

It might also take some time before we get an answer to that question.

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