Khloe Kardashian Wants Fans To Move On From Focusing On Her Relationship With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian Wants Fans To Move On From Focusing On Her Relationship With Tristan Thompson
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Fans of Khloe Kardashian will never let her live down the fact that she's trying to amicably co-parent her child, True, with her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. People Magazine recently picked up on Thursday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in which fans were able to see what life was like with Khloe following their breakup.

Khloe, 35, claimed that she and her 29-year-old basketball-playing ex-boyfriend were doing well and had come together to raise their child like family, even though they're no longer together. Following their split, Thompson also put his feud with Kim Kardashian West to bed.

Kim invited him to go to dinner with them in New York City not long after. When the episode for aired, Khloe took to her Twitter to praise all of the people out there who are taking care of their kids as a former couple.

When someone on social media called them out as hypocrites, Khloe set the person straight. Khloe said on her account that she loves all the women in her family, but doesn't agree on the point of it being hypocritical. Additionally, Khloe said the idea that it was "without consent" was "hear-say."

According to Khloe, if any of the people following her were her true fans, they'd know that they've since buried the hatchet a long time ago and did it for the emotional well-being of everyone involved. As most know, it was first revealed that Thompson and Woods had broken up in February 2019.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Jordyn Woods stopped by the set of Red Table Talk hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith. The Kar-Jenner clan wasn't happy with the fact Woods portrayed herself as being apologetic and remorseful yet she never even spoke with them about the incident beforehand.

After the cheating scandal took hold, Woods was effectively excommunicated from the family. Kylie and Jordyn no longer hang out.

Followers of their relationship know it was actually the second time he cheated on her, with the first occurring a year prior right as she was about to give birth.

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