Khloe Kardashian Spent Thanksgiving With Tristan Thompson And Angry Fans Blasted The Family Photo He Shared

Khloe Kardashian Spent Thanksgiving With Tristan Thompson And Angry Fans Blasted The Family Photo He Shared
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Well, Tristan Thompson should have known better. The basketball star took to social media where he shared the perfect family picture that featured himself, Khloe Kardashian, and baby True.

The family celebrated Thanksgiving in Ohio. Khloe took the decision to leave her sisters and brother Rob Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner back in California to work on her romance with Tristan.

Tristan is thrilled to have his baby mama and True with him. After the epic cheating scandal that Khloe had to live through days before going into labor, fans are bashing Tristan for sharing the photo.

One of them said: "Tristin smiling knowing damn well he finna dip off and go stuff someone else's turkey ??So mad she got nipped and tucked like the rest of her family thought she was the realest one like how do you change your face that God created for you like you and Kylie looked nothing like this."

A supporter stated: "I'm team, Tristan. He showed y'all that he was about and y'all didn't listen, now y'all hate him. Yall crazy asf maybe she just want pictures of them together for true when she gets older ? , so she has memories and sees the good times!"

This fan explained: "Is it because Khloe is famous and he his saving face for the fans? Khloe only being nice to @realtristan13 because he be ballin right now in the league lol.. thats how most women do us smh."

Khloe recently took to social media to talk about the pain Tristan caused her by writing: “I reflect, grow, excel … I absolutely love it! Being alone is definitely not an issue for me personally. And if he does it again, then I will deal with that, but those are my choices. Right or wrong they are mine. I appreciate the support, unsolicited opinions and love I get from you all. I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior. I simply did what I felt was right for me in that moment. You are also unaware of the work we do behind the scenes to better ourselves or to hopefully better ourselves.”

Khloe seems to know what she is doing, and people should let her be.

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