Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Beach Body In A Photo With Her Daughter, True Thompson And Fans Criticize Her Pose

Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Beach Body In A Photo With Her Daughter, True Thompson And Fans Criticize Her Pose
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For Easter, Khloe Kardashian seems to have taken a break from posting shady Instagram messages targeting her cheating baby daddy Tristan Thompson. She spent the Holiday with her baby girl, True Thompson and her family.

She also made sure to document it all on her social media account.

Fans seem to be more fascinated with a photo in which Khloe is showing off her beach body in a pool. Check out the pic below.

A supporter told Khloe 'I have watched you for years. I’m sorry and happy at the same time for you ... you’re an amazing soul and mom your patience and tolerance and rationale through all of what you’ve been through is regal ... no joke ... you’re the true example of mature and fair and loving. I thank you for being so transparent at such a cost ... you help many of us ... you remind us to be kind regardless of what life throws at us ... God commands it and He brings forth His children as those examples .... you are blessed to be such a conduit for our God’s Word. I love you! Stay strong!!!! And thank you!!!'

Someone asked her 'what was the point of you taking a picture on that with that nice background if you were gonna blur it out? make it make sense.'

Another follower doesn't see it fit to have such a pose with your kid: 'Sooo this arched back pose cool with the baby.'

A supporter defends Khloe and says 'I don't understand how and why people have a microscopic look at other peoples pictures. Why do you have to scrutinize them so hard?'

Someone else is also here for her: 'Khloe With all the pain you have been through, You still make the world so beautiful for her 💕🦄🦋🏰 she has the best mom!! 💕 when she grows up she will be so proud of you. 💕'

What do you think about this photo?


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  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Apr 23, 2019 4:58 AM PDT

    Girl date whomever you like men is just complicated it don't matter what occupation their in or how much money they have they are difficult you just have to be more aware of snakes and con artist who only want sex and money take your time date awhile keep your options open then you'll be fine enjoy that true miracle you have and love on her. God Bless you did no wrongdoing be happy your blessed.

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