Khloe Kardashian Pushes Resentment Against Tristan Thompson Aside For This Reason

Khloe Kardashian Pushes Resentment Against Tristan Thompson Aside For This Reason
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Many are baffled by the fact that Khloe Kardashian is still publicly defending her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, but there is a reason behind it.

This week, the reality TV star took to social media where she had an interesting exchange with a fan.

The person complimented her on being a single mother and Khloe had this to say: “Thank you, love! You’re so very sweet. But [Tristan Thompson] is a good dad to her. My sweet and special baby True will NEVER be put in the middle of him and I. I can promise that.”

She added: “Baby True made it all worth it. Thank you for your beautiful message. She is my heart and soul. I get so excited for every little day with her.”

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that Khloe has decided to push the resentment aside for this reason: “Khloe is setting aside any resentment she feels towards Tristan so that she can help nurture his relationship with True. She knows the best thing for True is if she and Tristan get along. He did let [Khloe] down as a partner. She’s determined to do all she can to foster a relationship between Tristan and True.”

The family friend added: "Although Khloe wishes Tristan would have made many different choices she knows he loves his daughter deeply. She felt like she needed to defend him for True’s sake. It’s extra important to Khloe that Tristan and True be close because she was so close to her dad [Robert Kardashian].”

According to another source, Khloe is not able to ignore the pain that Tristan caused her every day but the sake of True she finds ways not to bash him.

The insider stated: “Khloe can’t imagine who she’d be today without that relationship, so when it comes to making sure that Tristan and True stay bonded and connected she will do whatever it takes, even if that means pushing her own anger and disappointment over his infidelity to the side.”

The family friend shared: “There are days she can’t always [push aside her anger], she isn’t perfect, and her emotions are very raw. But overall Khloe is committed to putting True’s relationship with Tristan above anything that happens between them. That’s why it’s important to her to defend Tristan — no matter what he’s always going to be True’s dad. And she, [with] the mother bear in her, has to defend him.”

Khloe is always doing the unexpected.


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