Khloe Kardashian Poses With True Thompson, But People Debate Her Skin Color: 'I Don't Like That!'

Khloe Kardashian Poses With True Thompson, But People Debate Her Skin Color: 'I Don't Like That!'
Credit: BET

Khloe Kardashian shared the cutest photo in which she's together with her and Tristan Thompson's daughter, True Thompson, but people seem to be focused on something else - the color of Khloe's skin.

Check out the photo that triggered such subjects in the comments.

A follower said: 'Every time I see this lady, she looks like a whole different person ... talk ab INSECURE!!!'

Someone else posted this message: 'Khloe looks like a light skin black and ion like dat.. but seriously, their whole family does it and I'm tired of their cultural appropriation. On top of that, they further their appropriation by having black babies with men they fetishize to validate and legitimize their obsession with black culture, style, and aesthetics. It's disgusting and I'm not here for it at all.'

A commenter wrote: 'Idk bout y’all but all I see is a mother and a beautiful happy baby,' and someone else posted this: 'Somebody said that’s True and false right next to her... I hate y’all 😭'

Someone else said: 'Well, she definitely doesn’t look like the “OJ Simpson” daughter Khloe or the new girl they passing off as Khloe so imma go with C somebody in Tristan's family.'

A follower posted this: 'If you have surgery to change your appearance then deep down inside you don’t love yourself.'

A follower said: 'Lmao, I love these CAPTIONS. Bruh, Khloe doesn't even look like Khloe, so how tf is the baby gonna look like her?! 😩😆 3rd trimester Tristan is the only one she favors.'

One follower posted this: 'Something is wrong with a society that approves and obsesses over women who mutilate themselves repeatedly to fetishize black culture and phenotype while also fetishizing black men and behaving like its all very normal. It's creepy, and its something very Sarah Baartman-like about it. We are NOT costumes, and we don't belong in your catalog of choices like a slave you own.'

Other than this, Khloe looked amazing in a piece from her first-ever Good American swimwear collection called 'Good Swim.'


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