Khloe Kardashian Is Wary Of Tristan Thompson’s Latest Gestures For This Reason

Khloe Kardashian Is Wary Of Tristan Thompson’s Latest Gestures For This Reason
Credit: Instagram

Not that long ago, Tristan Thompson took to social media where he decided to once more flirt with his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Khloe Kardashian with a hot comment.

The reality TV star and model had posted a very revealing lingerie mirror selfie, and the basketball star could not help drop a one-word comment.

The father of two simply wrote saucy, but a source close to him explained to Hollywood Life that he is actively pursuing Khloe.

The person in the know told the publication that the NBA star has been sending Khloe fancy gifts and pretty flowers hoping to win her back.

The pal claimed that Khloe is wary of the gestures and added: “Tristan’s Instagram compliments are only what the world sees. In real life, he comes on even stronger. He sends her flowers all the time. Her house is filled with flowers, and a lot of them are from Tristan. He sends her sweet texts and never stops telling her he wants her back. Khloe enjoys the attention, but she’s still wary of him in that respect. She trusts him as a father for True, but, as far as getting back together at this point, she wants to keep things the way they are.”

The insider went on to share: “Tristan wants Khloe back, and he will continue to flirt with Khloe in real life and also online constantly. He is really looking forward to being around her a lot more starting next month when his NBA season will be over.”

The family friend concluded by: “He is going to really try to be with True quite often this summer, which will mean he gets to be with Khloe too. He feels it will be a complete win-win, and his hopes are to get Khloe back officially and then worry about signing onto a new team in July.”

A second source claimed that Tristan will forever regret losing Khloe and added: “Tristan is still trying to get Khloe back. He hasn’t made a big secret of the fact that he wants another chance with her, he’s not over her. Khloe has continually shot him down, but Tristan is persistent. He deeply regrets losing Khloe and is very open about it, and he doesn’t seem ready to give up.”

The pair split for good after the epic cheating scandal involving Jordyn Woods.


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