Khloe Kardashian Found A Way To Keep Tristan Thompson Happy After Terrible NBA Season With LeBron James

Khloe Kardashian Found A Way To Keep Tristan Thompson Happy After Terrible NBA Season With LeBron James

At this rate, Khloe Kardashian, 33, and NBA star Tristan Thompson, 27, will be having baby number two very soon.

According to reports that surfaced online, the parents of True have found a clever way to forget about the horrible basketball season and the humiliating NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors -- good old sex.

The duo faced an epic cheating scandal just days before Khloe gave birth that many believed would end the romance.

Khloe shocked and even disappointed many including members of her family by staying with her baby daddy.

She has been seen at most of Tristan's basketball games making it possible for her haters to say she brought the "Kardashian curse" to the team.

Despite getting bashed by trolls, Khloe is determined to make it work -- at least in the bedroom -- with Tristan.

The source explained: “Khloe has made a concerted effort to sex up her relationship with Tristan because amazing sex was something they really connected with when they first got together. Towards the end of her pregnancy, the last thing on Khloe’s mind was having sex, then she was recovering from True’s birth, and trying to work through her feelings following the cheating scandal. But, now Khloe is feeling pretty much back to her old self, and with the playoffs out of the way, she thinks it’s time to bring the spark back.”

The person sent on to say: “True’s sleeping is really improving, and she’s no longer constantly waking up to be fed every couple of hours throughout the night. So, Khloe is making the most of no longer feeling exhausted 27/7.”

The friend gave more intimate details about the situation by stating: “She’s bought of copy of Karmasutra– 245 Karmasutra Positions With Pictures, and she’s determined to try out all of them with Tristan, a different position each night. Khloe’s has also splashed some serious cash on a ton of new sex toys and hot lingerie. She’s in full femme fatale mode. Tristan is in seventh heaven right now. The Khloe he met and fell in love with is back, in full force, and he loves every single minute of it."

Wow, all of Khloe's business is out there.

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