Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Killer Curves In New Pictures -- Fans Call Out Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama For Faking It

Khloe Kardashian Flaunts Killer Curves In New Pictures -- Fans Call Out Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama For Faking It
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Don't hurt em! Khloe Kardashian shared a few pictures after cooking and enjoying a very large feast for Thanksgiving that have fans baffled for positive and negative reasons.

Mama Khloe posted two mirror selfies where she flaunted her killer abs.

Tristan Thompson's baby mama never looked so good in a purple sports bra and matching leggings.

She captioned the photo: “So look at this, you guys! The flat tummy bundle by @flattummyco is definitely helping me keep my weight from fluctuating. Stress affects my body in various ways (weight included), but I feel tight, toned, and fab with their new Chocolate Shakes.”

While some fans find Khloe looks great, others are angry that she is selling a dangerous product.

One person said: "You are seriously stunning.. but Cmon Khloe ? this type of advertising is so dangerous for young girls."

Another commenter stated: "If only the shake was the only thing needed! @__ma__dolores__ she does intense work out too ? her body is goal! ❤️You're my fave K ? keep up the good work its def paying off!"

This critic wrote: "These products are absolute garbage and create negative relationships with oneself and food. Terrible things to promote - especially when you have such a wonderful platform. So disappointed. ?????She doesn't even look healthy here... what exactly is she taking some pic she looks bigger then some smh false advertisements."

According to Hollywood Life , Khloe decided to be with Tristan during the holidays for this reason: “This was the third year in a row that Khloe skipped Thanksgiving with her family to spend it with Tristan. It’s become her new tradition, so her family was somewhat prepared for it. They were still very disappointed though. They let her know loud and clear that they wanted her to be in California with them for a holiday, but Khloe stuck to her guns. She wanted to be with Tristan, especially because this was True’s first Thanksgiving.”

The source went on to explain: “Khloe felt strongly that she needed to be with Tristan. She’s trying hard to keep her little family together, so leaving him alone for the holiday just wasn’t an option in her mind. Tristan was totally invited to her family celebration. It’s not like they banned him or anything. But with his game schedule it just wasn’t possible for him to make it to California for the big day, so Khloe went to him."

Khloe knows how to get people talking.

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